About us

Continuous AI is a collaborative wiki and an open community of Continuous/Lifelong Learning enthusiasts started in 2018 by Vincenzo Lomonaco and made possible with the early contribution of Keiland Cooper and Martin Cimmino. We are always happy to add new members and get some help for improving our wiki or simply discuss about about CL, so join us today on slack! :-)

Top Contributors

  1. Vincenzo Lomonaco • PhD student @ University of Bologna
  2. Martin Cimmino • Business Integration Analyst @ Accenture
  3. Keiland Cooper • Cognitive Science & Neuroscience Researcher @ Indiana University Bloomington
  4. Vithursan Thangarasa • MASc student @ Vector Institute and University of Guelph



e-mail: vincenzo.lomonaco AT unibo.it