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Nowadays, more and more companies begin to embrace the power of Machine Learning in different business processes. Generally, the typical pipeline applied by companies consists of gathering data, learning some underlying structure, and deploying an algorithm that systematically captures what you have learned. Usually, gathering, preparing, and enriching the right training data is a key bottleneck among companies wanting to use machine learning. Therefore, relying on continuous learning as opposed to algorithms that are trained offline is a beneficial opportunity for companies.

Current Solutions

In this section we provide a list of companies that exploit Continuous Learning approaches:

  • Neurala uses deep learning neural network software that makes smart products (drones) more autonomous and useful. In particular, Neurala Lifelong Deep Neural Networks (Lifelong-DNN™) enable incremental learning of new objects on the fly, without the power of a server located in the cloud. Neurala accomplishes this by combining different neural network architectures (more info at

Future Applications