On the Continuous AI project

Humans have the extraordinary ability to learn continually from experience. Not only can we apply previously learned knowledge and skills to new situations, we can also use these as the foundation for later learning. One of the grand goals of AI is building an artificial "continuous learning" agent that constructs a sophisticated understanding of the world from its own experience, through the autonomous incremental development of ever more complex skills and knowledge. This project aims to connect peolple and collect information about this topic.

( ! ) This site is sill in contruction but you can contact vincenzo lomonaco at vincenzo.lomonaco AT unibo.it or simply make a pull request on github if you want to collaborate!

People working on the subject

Here you can find some people working on the subject:

Papers and related materials

Here you can find all the papers, media articles and other materials related to Continuous Learning and Deep Neural Nets.




Here you can find all the free available code for Continuous Learning: